blueberries for you whispers i spoke behind your lovely back, i lack
the respect to face
your generous smile, how
do i know i was the more
deceived, believing you were the fool, it was me instead, your bed
is cold until the fires of forgiveness burn the hypocrisy from my plastic heart.
silent storm You lied so well.
Telling me what you knew I wanted to hear
Thinking it was for the best
Until we were miles apart.
Even then, You lead me to believe in us
Feeding me false hopes
But hoping I would leave.
. . 031015
Syrope how many more times will it take before i realize that "it seemed so much like a dream" is not a compliment? i can't keep doing this 031015
Lemon_Soda Who do we decieve more?

The occasional lie or mistruth to protect the way things we need them to be, staining anothers reality with our preffered?


Sculpting a fallacy, dedicating the self to something way removed from onces nature?

Know thyself.
Death of a Rose because you wrote passion and glances to me, little did i realize you were looking at the person behind me. 031015
ClairE because all_along, I was lying to myself. 031015
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