ClairE I believe in myself. I believe that I have the strength to succeed, the courage not to run away, and tenacity to see me through.

I bled for this. We are all birthed for the span of our lives, a bloody torturous process, and at times there's nothing left to do but fall against the car window and think, "I'll always be struggling, every one of us will always be struggling, and there's nothing to do but accept it."

Tonight I see the light in my soul, I see the light and the laughter and I'm nuturing the flame by taking notes, I'm writing down what's just as real and essential. When I look in the mirror I am pretty. When I say things I don't sound dumb. When I give advice I feel capable. When I look at myself I feel pride shining its way out of my heart.

I can get that bad again. Perhaps it will come again. Perhaps every year is an entirely new journey. I brush my hair and eat my breakfast and make my bed and it gets colder and colder outside. I'm coming into something new. The trees are bursting into color.

I think it's something lasting.
jane when i fall in love with you it will be forever 031013
notme believe_in the future 040423
pSyche that I have decided to love you. 050103
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