vega Once her eyes glistened like moon dew. They captured the disarming freshness of a child and the depth of a sage.
But her once fascinating orbs have been eroded by the trails of a thousand pleading tears.
I think she just got tired of refelcting others through a beautiful shroud they did not deserve.
Kleh Ver ~

Perhaps, and only if she wills rejuvenation of vitality, she will permit the refined affection - daily, ephemeral bursts of adoration, which spring new every morning - steaming from my love, to imbue her with every breath she draws.

I am and will be of perceivable intentions and open kindness; this, acting as a sweet, long-anticipated clarion calling her, will proclaim to her the safe, warm, and tender place of rest being offered by my outstretched vulnerability.

Then, if she would choose to run the race of companionship, I would, in turn, fill her pools, not with tears of a wounded heart, but, with joy upon blessed joy; supplied, in abundance, by new memories birthed of this rekindling of love and hope!

Of such days, I may, for the present, only dream. When such a time as it is seen as right for them to come to pass, then shall no happier days ever be for her and me. . .

unhinged i feel like i am dying. 021116
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