misstree the first offer was a glimpse, a taste, an invitiaton to begin a path in earnest.

i've lived by half-measures for a time, and then come exploding back into myself, ready to run again.

the opportunity for evolution offered up a second time. i will tear at the throat of my teacher just to get the last bloody bits from him, if need be.

leaping forward, hungry. time to leave this earth.
Lemon_Soda My efforts are measured in levels of "just enough" never above and beyond.

But thats what a god or a monster is...

above and beyond.
misstree come outside
and play.

the world is
infinitely more beautiful
than you would believe
until you let yourself
Experience it
to fullness.
sabbie boys and girls
come out to play
the moon doth shine
as bright as day

one persons gods
is another's demons

my salvation isn't yours
and your solution is not for me

gods and monsters are the same thing
depending on which angle
you tilt your head

so, in response to your question
i shall say - both, please.
with sprinkles.
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grendel thin lines separate them 040225
Lemon_Soda god or monster, god or monster...

I think I'll be a monster for awhile.
what's it to you?
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