paste! so much for those dreams of creating a tourist trap. fresh squeezed toast and an umbrella coated with orange zest/wood lacquer for a nice textured surface for the rain and other fast dropping objects from above, like tires, although we all know that an umbrella, no matter how ill-devised and i mean ill as in phat, can never block falling tires especially if they've taken a freefall from a goodyear blimp, to grab onto or deflect as the fire_breathing_goat just chows on the wild daisies or whatever the fuck it'd eat on a day like this, rainshined, without hesitation to disturb the elephants within its stomach that take shapes out of the lining, rectangles mostly but candidly and never using a technique that would cause pain to the lining because this is a fine animal, with no sense of decay or depreciation, a rare breed, a prototype that'll forever change the nature of goat recognition. the beast will singe your eyebrows faster than you can tuck your shirt in. it claims no affiliation, no method of uprooting, it just goes about according to its own parasitic mainframe; it feasts on crafty, it digests the rapids that seem untouchable to those without a long stick covered in warning tape, it shouts out its name over balsamic canyons and cornhusk stations and far across the summits glazed by afterglows of stretching and partially irritated cactus which reminds him of home so he stops and sits back in the steam that clears out those sinuses necessary for another run at the big showdown. 020624
Ariadani are the elephants small or the goat really big? 020625
farmfish that happened to us once when ruby got into thee habenaros growin' in thee kitefield garden at robin hill. 020625
paste! half the size of picacho peak-sized goat that breathes fire. 020625
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