like rain. i don't care what happens to my life, i don't care about the years that follow after i am a set of figures etched on a gravestone that will crumble into the soil before too many more years have passed...

i don't care what happens after i am dust and drifting on the wind, i don't care what happens when i cease to exist, to be, when i become darkness, though not even that much...

i don't care...

i loved, and was loved, and she held me.

though fleeting, i am the most fortunate one that ever existed.
Augustine life is so passing
all the things we know
lie in ruin at the end of time
cwn annwn what ails you friend?
what is it
that is in hurt?
i can help you
the cure to you
i am
and mine you
will be
msr Ephemeral and gossamer are awesome. 021203
magicforest oh msr who are you please 031209
somebody sometimes it is the ephemeral that makes life worth it 060828
LS I can't put a material cost on an immaterial feeling. I can't quantify it or even hold it in my hands. There is no proof or disproof. But its still there. I can still feel it. INside everyone one of us a point of energy that is proof positive of the ephemeral, but we can't define it, let alone control it. 060829
Ptolomy DCLVIII Indeed, LS! That ephemeral point within reminds us that not all is meant for definition and control. 060830
Ptolemy DCLVIII Todae I lurnd 2 spel "Ptolemy". 060830
bahia but what is definition?

what is control?
LS I take "definition" to mean a designated and generally excepted explanation as to the nature of any given concept, establishing a circular boundry of "is" and "is not". Can also become more and more specific, making the interior of the circle, or "is", smaller and more finite.

"Control" is the ability to willfully determine the criteria of "is" and "is not".
birdmad counterpoint to "eternal"

and generally more true
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