moonshine I'm more alive sleeping then awake. If walking is waking... 010121
thieums I remarked recently that all my dreams took place in the same universe... There is a huge industrial town, with chimneys covering the skies, standing on an island with dark waters, linked to the shore by high bridges. Everything happens in there or in the near countryside, like if everything in my life was linked to that imaginary place.

When I want to dream of a nice sunset, I just have to walk out of the city for a while, or fly if it's a flying day, or teleport myself sometimes, and reach a small harbour a few kilometers away, where the sun seems to always reach the horizon when I arrive.

I meet people I do not know in real life, but who are good friends in the dream - sometimes I ask them how it is to be a dream creation, and they sometimes ask me how the real world is - and I tell them they don't miss a lot. They live, work, love and die in that parallel universe I reach every night, or almost.

Is it serious, doc' ?
BnB Sounds awesome. I know I enjoy my dreams a lot, but I usually don't realize that I'm dreaming when I dream... I'm working on that though. 090208
hsg if i study maps, must i travel? 090618
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