sabbie and i wore a short sleeved shirt to work today
and my boss said 'nice tattoo. what is it?'
and i gave my standard response without a thought:
(it has become all one word after all these years).
she looked a little puzzled.
'what's a phoenix?'
and for the first time in ages i actually thought about it.
'it's a bird that rises from its own ashes, reborn'
and suddenly my tat became, once again,
something so much more than simply dyed skin, permanently stained
and tears formed in my eyes
as i remembered the reasons i got her
all those years ago.
peyton I always wondered why people got them confused.. they are so different 011224
unhinged whenever i see any reference to it, i think of her and all the ashes she left in my heart. she rose from the ashes alright....they just weren't her own. 011224
little bug ashes and tears make good soap 020618
tylordurton "today we make soap" 020618
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