silentbob i've noticed it's unusually green for this time of year
I want to be there, i wish you were here
Nobody told me it'd be this warm
I've never felt december grass
and i've never felt this much freedom and liberty
and i've never been this rich, unless i was with you
But you know i'd trade it all for a heart
If you take a fall, you know that i'll break it
together through all, together we'll make it
i want you inside me where you can be safe
and i can protect you from all of the hate
but for now i sit in the warm december air
as the wind and repose blows through my hair
and i'll try to forget what i want most
so the memory of you turns into a ghost
ClairE is brown.

not green.

Why does my thermometer say it's eighty outside?

I want the winter to come so I can
forget you.
silentbob And strangely...the grass in IOWA looks green. not brown. 011205
ClairE It's green here, too...

it shouldn't be.

At four I went out
and the temperature was finally right
and the light was right
and the leaves blowing across my vision
and the ridiculous density of squirrels
clutching acorns on the lawn were right
and the bare earth
on the hill
these were all

and i thought
maybe winter's coming soon.
ClairE It snowed last night.

December grass is grass underneath
a white bed of snow

with dark gaping holes in it

like a ghost costume.
kudos novermber rain 050225
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