jenniferAB convoluted daydreams drift through my mind...unbidden, and with no thoughts of leaving 011014
futility During the day I fight to keep them at bay, I immerse myself in the necessities of living, working, breathing... At night they take over, filtering through my mind as shadows of a future that may never come to pass. And I lie awake watching the slideshow of my mind, planning for a future I may never see, losing the cohesion between dreams and reality. 011021
Jenna I daydreamed all day about the man who gave me my very first kiss yesterday. I did not happen at all like I expected but it was wonderful. So wonderful and overwhelming that I could not stop shaking. :) So unexpected yet so long anticipated.

I am stuck here trying to study for my test but having little luck as I cannot stop thinking about him. Instead I think I'll just go to sleep now and have sweet dreams....
sylphide why anyone would dance to delirium is beyond me. 031118
Deomis I'm leaving here.
Gonna' go fly in the sky
And make the clouds
Into a sea of dreams
no reason mine have been different lately
or maybe back to the same
what's it to you?
who go