monadh critical citizen

we are all crucial to the picture
our textures bleed
one into another
without us
each one of us
each monument of form
each glimpse of voidance
the scene would spin
off into unbridled chaos
we would not know hue or shade
we would not be known
oldephebe again dearest monadh - a triumph of your intuitive teleological facility..

brilliant..and wow your words have this clarity and this motility..they leap off the screen and somehow dramatically and subtly whisper into my being..evoking..something far more than this autism of cebrality I seem to be stuck in..your words are of the same great spirit that has inspired some of the most beautiful native american poetry..or discourses i've is an initmate and earth in union..i really need to read more of your stuff..i am just so amazed at the prodigy of talent you and endless and ed, pipedream, jezebel and other young women posess at such a young age..not trying to be avuncular or condescending..i knew a few liguistic prodigies in high school and college..and i'm still amazed at the almost limitless horizons of a womans guys are really in tune to some things most of us men will never fathom..blessed be
nom wow! i'm dumbstruck now 030920
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