misstree i plan on being a crazy old lady with lots of cats.

ha ha, you say, that's very funny. i'm serious. by the time that i reach an advanced age, i will have expended all will fighting this world, bending my reality, and will be ready to cast any shred of sanity i have left into the river lethe to drown. i will have no steady human companion, as they are far too high of an upkeep, and will always either disappoint you or leave or die in the end.

but cats, ah, cats. aloof. dependent. soft and fuzzy, equipped with claws. each of their own nature. one dies, wanders off, you get another cute little fuzzy kitten. if i die, they know what to do, they'll each take a little bite, and at least a few will escape to have kittens, and bits of me will be reborn as the stray_cat i was meant to be.

i *will* be a crazy old lady with lots of cats. gives me something to look forward to.
once agian "I want to be a cat lady."

"That's my dream."

"You'll be alot better at it then me."

"You mean 'cause I'm actually a girl?"


"Don't worry. In a few years sex change operations will probobaly be practically free."
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