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Let me tell you a little bit about myself...I engulf myself in music. I enjoy neck ties, antiques, and S & M. I am a Bass Player, currently working to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning the world's largest toenail collection. I believe in the beauty of wrinkled sphincters. I also believe that a man can stand in the middle of a busy intersection in a top hat, combat boots, with a cane, singing Christmas carols, and NOT be ashamed. Please Feel free to Email me if you have any revolting JPG's, or extremely interesting and erotic stories of yourself and/or animals. Yours very truly, boerg.
P.S. Due to the overwhelming pressure to clean up the material on this page, I announce that I am not an ASS FREAK, nor do I pressure people to be ASS FREAKERS!!!! Sorry about the disclaimer,but Thank you and HAVE A NICE DAY:P
Colonic Surf

Power of The Prune
Dafremen I happen to know for a fact that if you look in the dictionary under dafremen there's a picture of a goat being blown by a shepherd girl. Not sure what it means myself, but there ya go man! 010605
god that's what i'm talkin' bout yo. word. 010605
Daria i found myself in the back of the lounge with a man bearing the resemlance of a camel.
"You could be a model" he said
"Yah,"I said"Im taller than You"
what's it to you?
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