Strideo "Hanging Corpse Admired as Sculpture on Campus

Fri November 14, 2003 01:51 PM ET

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Police on Friday removed the corpse of a man believed to have hanged himself at least a year ago after builders and students at Budapest's University of Arts had initially mistaken it for a modern sculpture.
The body hung for a whole day in a garden building that had been re-opened for repairs before onlookers realized what it was and called the police, local media said.

The building, in campus grounds crowded with different types of sculpture, had been closed five years ago pending reconstruction work."

minnesota_chris Ahh Budapest. The divided city of Buda and Pest, capital of Hungary. It's a great place to be, with cheap food, cheap hostels (like $5 per night!!) and everything is beautiful and cultured. I love Hungary. 031118
unhinged the best meal i had in europe, second experience with alcohol, smoking cigarettes in back stairwells with wendy ashing into windowboxes, a violin i should have bought in a small antique shop hidden in a small neighborhood, the ancient roman ruins...

maybe if i go to italy this summer i can go back; chances are i will be too busy playing to do any other traveling. if i go...i need out of here. out of this country. there was so much more appealing in the ancient world.
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