the void
When two connect a bond is formed, this can be tenuous such as with only a
play partner or quite deep with a true mate. The most graphic damage a
human can sustain is within the psyche, the inner self. This may have occured
from abuse either physical, emotional or verbal or all of these. With a D/s
bond the inner self is opened. This occurs with what is most commonly called
sub-space - though it could more accurately be described as bottom space.
This is an almost trancelike condition that the submissive enters when in the
presence of their chosen top. This may occur only during play initially when
the chems release into the blood, the sub learns how to activate this state
earlier as they become familiar with it. They move inside their top. Their
hearing hyper-attenuates, their attention rivots.

A good top will ride the submissive 'down' into space, moving into the areas
of damage and exploring them with light conversation, removing the pain still
connected to them. In this state the submissive is aware but pain of any and
all kinds is muffled. He or the top may strip away the feelings of shame, self
hatred, denial, agony, ego diminishment. The top may take these feelings
FROM the sub. Reminding her firmly that the glory she has become is the
culmination of ALL she may have endured in her life. The damage becomes
a distant lesson. This state is VERY close to traditional hypnosis, the
submissive is TOTALLY suggestible and amenable to their top helping them.

This type of exploration occurs for years as the fragments slowly surface. The
puzzle is put back together one piece at a time. The top rebuilds the WHOLE
of the submissive. Stripping away Fear, Pain, Guilt and Shame. Releasing
the truth, the center, the beautiful one within.

This is one of the areas of direct healing from the side of the submissive
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