psyki it's safe.
i promise.
it won't hurt you.
lie down in the shower.
close your eyes.
let the water cover you.
feel its heat surround you.
and take you away.
perspie I remember when
Sittin' in the tub
Pulled out the plug
The water was runnin' out
distorted tendencies I like the feeling of you washing me ever so gently. Pouring water all over my back, the touch of rose petals and your silken skin. . . 020304
peepers i wish i had one of those shower heads that you could just pull out of the wall and extend it to--well, that's enough 040308
Syrope no ones ever run a bath for me before

you're too good to me
monee robins in the summertime
flutter their wings in the creek
then sit above on the dogwood branches
fluffing their feathers and singing things
flowerock. I used to love baths. My hair would turn the water pink, purple, blue... depending 9n the month... I lit candles and dripped oil... I listened to music... I moved the qater... submerged my head... cried... laughed... watched the flames reflecting... pet the cat when she beckoned only to send her shaking her head and slinking away dissapointed with my wet hand.

I don't take baths now, not tub, not running water, and we're running out of water in a drought... maybe hot_springs would be the solution.
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