sabbie you eat a bone.

mmm... crunchy crunchy crispy!
Dafremen : )
Sabbie made me remember the time they had a neighborhood pig roast when I was a kid. The old guy who roasted the pig, Marshall, reaches over and just CrAcKs off an ear. He sticks it in my face and sez, "Here try this, taste just like pork rinds"

I decided to keep the fact that they WERE, in a manner of speaking, the rinds of this porker, to myself. At 11, I figured I'd prolly just piss him off, and he was a nice man.

Well I took the sloppy, fat-dripping hunk of pig ear in my hand and decided that I would give it a shot.

So I stuck the pig ear, with it's occasional singed hair coating in my mouth and bit down HARD.

A stream of melted pig fat shot straight from the pig ear to MArshall's shirt(and the pig roast had just started really.)

He looked like he was going to be really mad, then he just got this big grin on his face as I chewed(and to tell the truth, enjoyed) the greasy pig ear.

"Tasty huh?", he beamed, "Told you ya'd like it!"

With that, he turned to go find something to wipe the pig fat off of his shirt.

Perhaps that was my introduction to the fact that the joy of each new discovery can last us a lifetime.
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