dafremen I appreciate our first responders and our medical professionals. I also appreciate roofers. Without roofers, a lot more people would die of exposure and sickness.

But can you imagine if a roofer came on TV and told everyone that they needed to stay inside because it is raining all over the world in random spots and they don't have enough crew to get everyone's roof fixed at once?

Then what if they were like, "Hey, we need to fix your roof, even if it's not leaking?"

And then what if they were like, oh and "Hey, we don't patch roofs all that well, so we're going to need to patch it for you." "And again ." "Yep. We need to give yer roof a little booster again."

Who wouldn't be like.. "Well, thanks for the warning about the rain, but if I need to leave my house, I'm leaving. And I'll fix my own roof, thank you, or find a roofer I know and trust."

And if I ever needed their services, I guess I'd deal with the slower, shittier service due to high workloads and short staffing, or I'd live with the leak.

And what if this crazy, incompetent-but-bossy roofer got a governor and the cops involved? That's when it'd be time to turn off the television, grab something heavy and go find that roofer.
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