Joana. When staring at your still eyes, dear
The room swirls around me
Like loose leaves scattered
About an inebriating scent of tea
And the life that was once shattered
Gathers inside the liquid of a tear

Salty it is like the sea across us
Now joined by unchained fates
Struggling to find its way again
That languid path that now abates
Fiercely and passionately and then
It reaches the sad eyes of Lotus

These words mean so little now
Looking at the significant
Meaning of your soul
The dark knights to you will bow
Stumbling upon the accident
Which clings to me whole

Yet the crows again wonít leave
Me travelling through the road
Of contented fools and will cast
My soul from an autumnís eve
To a winterís night that will load
The tatters of me in infinityís vast,

Endless caves where matter and light
Blind me, blending me with pain,
Lonely pieces of meaningless stars
And the last remaining knight
Will then ride his horse in vain
Striving to catch me between the bars.
rage i hope to find a splinter of peace
but you gaze away

and say its inside me
where i have yet to look.
what's it to you?
who go