u24 (that's me) 080620
minnesota_chris twitters are so shitty, always out of context and lacking in details.

"So I'm there, now, and they finally told me yes!"

they always make me O_o
u24 yeah, I'm trying to avoid doing that!

check out
ClairE I just tweeted about blather. And now I'm blathing about twitter. Sigh. 090513
misstree i was actually drawn there because of the judicious use of words... twitter is what you make of it, plenty of both info and emotion can be fit in a fairly small space.

has the same name there.
ClairE is admitting that she is tastyanagram across much of the internet. 090513
silentbob dallas' twitter
z it seems so narcissistic 090616
. . 090628
Zeiga 140 is the new 420 090628
rarely use it twitter's the shitter 090629
nr i used to be pretty against twitter-having, but now that i have so many "professional" types on facebook, i'm much more inclined to censor myself.

twitter, on the other hand, seems like a great place to let yourself go. so i guess i have twitter, with the caveat that i never link to anything or follow anyone or direct people to the address.

is it the_new_blather, with a 140 character limit?
unhinged mindless chatter
like blather only
incessant, annoying

squirrels twitter
when they are agitated

i texted my brother some crazy thing that popped into my head one day and he texted back 'u should have a twitter'

twitter makes people bad spellers. that has always been unattractive to me.
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