unhinged i felt the changes in you. the poison that gripped you. i could tell when your eyes weren't your own. you seem to be more and more yourself these days. more the old you that i remember. our changes complimented each other. everyday, i see trails of the old me before i was connected to you, before we spent a lot of our time sleeping_together. but all the trails trace back to you. my mind tracing circles around you one hundred times a day; i need the trails of you to lead you back to me. it's only been three days since the last time i saw you and my hunger only increases. my sleeping pill of easy 030512
red-eyed bird i need to go there and buy some "smoking accessories" 030512
unhinged i didn't get any but the lights got a little fuzzy and i had this silly smile plastered on my face. he called it a 'body buzz' and everything was tingleh. i had this feeling of baby cartoon animals with big black watery pupil eyes; he says lights are always fuzzy to him now. i want drugs again. i've been sober for too long. 040127
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