silentbob she touches his hand and he passes off as friendly affection
"That doesn't mean anything." he thinks.
The way he talks and the way she listens makes him think unlikely thoughts. of the impossible. after a while he stops talking and she is just staring at him.
not staring.
"This is meaningless," he thinks.
The way their voices quiet into a near whisper.
The way her hand is just clutching his now.
The way she's touching his face.

this is meaningless this is meaningless this is meaningless

he thinks.

it doesn't matter that she's touching me.
it doesn't matter that she is so close.
it doesn't matter that it's all happening.
it doesn't matter that i like it.

she swallows his face and paws his back like she's trying to achieve a world record

this is meaningless this is meaningless this is meangingless

without meaning
without attachments

its ok, he thinks, i know it doesn't mean anything.

she fluidly flings one freckled femur from to to fro.
she languidly laps like lunacy
crucially kissing kindly the klondike stare of her arrival

this is meaningless this is meaningless this is meaningless

their sweat intermingles


she properly plunges him into her, punches protrudes and prances atop him.

thisismeaningless thisismeaningless thisismeangingless

like butter.
like sound.
like light.


don't think about it.

this is meaningless.
juni sounds like a hundred bucks worth of meaningless to me. 040429
love & hate life is meaningless! 040430
notme . 040430
Syrope all of it! i need to work on getting my shit together for this week
i have to make it
but you're not there
and i need you
and i can't convince myself of something so simple as to drop to my knees in front of that pile of papers. i know if i did that i could mindlessly work until you come find me
...but i haven't budged.

the meaninglessness of it all
it hits so hard
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