andru235 how can you not love this remote mountain kingdom? 050315
dreamer very easily 050315
sahba i knew three girls from tajikistan they lived in my house for a month since they didnt have a place to stay then so my parents invited to stay with us i was pretty much a nuthead of a kid then so i didnt really bother to get to know them(i regret that now though) i even used to forget their names at times but yes now i realize how truly beautiful they really were and im not talking about their looks. i had never seen a beautiful heart to recognize it so i missed out after a month they rented out a house nearby and stayed there for another two months one day i went over to drop something off and the moment i stepped out there was a hail storm that was the most hail id ever seen in my life there was so much it looked as if it had just snowed thats about all i remember of them i probably will end up hitchiking in tajikistan someday thanks to my nature of life which is a good thing because they were always all praise about their country 050316
China Xinhua, China - 3172005 10 hours ago

Tajikistan, Georgia indicate support for

's _'anti_secession'_law_...
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