Borealis I had a cut on my head once..glued with super glue. 040225
minnesota_chris doctors use a form of superglue internally now. 040225
pSyche Wal mart tells me I have to be 18 to buy freakin' super glue. I asked her why, and she said I could be using it to get a high.
Holy fuck lady.
Ok, if I wanted to get high off SUPERGLUE, i could just go to the dollar_store and buy it, or get a can of spray paint, or hell, just STEAL it.

It took about 10 minutes of explaining to her what I was using it for, and why this was such an idiotic policy to convince her to sell it to me.
I mean,seriously. This is getting ridiculous.
jane no, that's good. they can tell by the way that you argue that you Don't sniff superglue. 070716
gja wow man that glue is some super sticky shit 070717
clouds it's fucked up if you don't give someone space, like you are perminantly stuck to them because you think they might find someone else when you become unstuck, well if they do, it means they need to effing breath. Are you an antique it-self ? it's old, you can not control no one, not the way they feel, not what they do, not nothing, you can not make someone you want them to be, you have to love them for who they are, let him breath for Jades sake. 070717
Pebbles Flintstone call me dapppy... i can spell permanent, mark me for it, name me for it, totally fucking useless. 070717
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