globalfruitbat you snap it out between your teeth like the click of the collar and wonder why I smile in return
you don't see the gain in giving it all up--but it's not all sex, it's not all lack of spine. the spine is there but when you make me give up to you you gain my heart beating faster and then I hope you know what to do with me
pete subversive 040531
Zantic pervasive 040531
HellBentWolf yes, hoping, always hoping

but you never know what to do with it after you have it, that is why the plan always fails
hetaira you don't see me.
and the possibilities.
i'll bend over backwards for you.
blackwidow but then what do i owe you?

my body
my blood
my soul
grendel it's sometimes a nice posture to slip into when the outward projection i give is that of dominance and aggression.

not just patient, but directed

firefly directed submission is the perfect demeanor like a suit that you wear 040801
BiNjBrickChick Submission to you is that of a smutty self proclaimed whore
Legs spread at the peek of orgasm, her woman-like aching at your mercy
Submission is your cannon ball,
Your anchor,
Your bow
And you, the guided arrow
Greedily seeking the red circular target
Of a loveless slave whose only meaning in life
(for you)
Is to keep wet
Mouth shut
Legs spread
Eyes closed
Mouth open
Rectum torn
Ready for a fucking
That will leave her in submission
All night long
fal i want you to tie me up. 050920
what's it to you?
who go