andrea slippery as my feet are, I
am still able to find
grooves in this wall Iím
climbing to stick my feet
in & hoist myself up.
Iíve been scaling these
heights, disregarding
fear for so long, any
other way would seem
unnatural. still there
looks to be a small
plateau ahead. I
only wonder if Iíll be
able to make it to there

copyright 2000
purple kisses if i forget you really better hope that's what you want because if i do it
my brain would be erased or at least that frame of reference in hell
where i dwell
i have to stay inside once again
we didn't plan on it
uncle frank went to hell

hell is what he wanted
hell is what he got, right?

The moon is clear.
~gez~ steadfast is the man that holds his position even when being charged by a herd of angry wilderbeast 050131
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