lou_la_belle i can't believe it... oh geez. i really should've known better, but i guess i had to learn the hard way. ya see, we were on the couch in his basement and well...yah. not to say that things got out of hand, cause they didnt!, but um, his brother woke up. and came into the room. and said "having fun?" to which i died of embarrassment and tried to blend in with the pink leather. he replied , "hey do you mind?" and i melted further down. then his brother said, "yah actually i kinda do...but do you have my blanket?". it was lying on the floor next to the couch. i wanted to curl up in a little ball and pretend i didnt exsist. fortunatly, he possessed somewhat better sig froid than me and told his brother basically to piss off and go back to bed. yah, time to go home i think. so this morning i learn that his brother doesnt even remember a thing. apparently he sleep-walks. funny story eh? guess i'll think 3 times before i do that again... 040508
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