Quintessensual the reward for others
for your overwhelming of noise
Tess hearts sing
minds ping
ears ring

miniver When my dad was in the hospital, a year or so ago, I was really very caring, and went to visit him frequently. He was really very ill.

He had a beautiful doctor, though -- Doctor Haver. And, Doctor Haver and I shared a silent but mutual attraction. I'm sure he thought I was years older than my actual age, apparent age is something I've been fortunate to have the ability (talent - hah!) to play around with. He was about 32 or so, I'd say. He had a very saddened sort of look. I wore my bright blue sweater for him when I came in with my dad for the last time, and we had a small and serious but rather near and eye-to-eye sort of discussion about my dad's condition.
birdmad we sing of signals

mixed and otherwise
or should I change Signal. The eternal super-imposition of reality over the eyes of the wanting masses. Dual personalities, without fear of repercussion, the second mind comes out. Which is reality? the self-censoring fearful? or perhaps it's the unfettered inhibition? 021014
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