myfingersmells i sit silently
these slits on my wrist
grow blacker with each breath

i suck the life out of me
i suck to relieve my thirst
i suck because
of the voices in my head
i suck

and now i sit here
in total isolation
im in my own dark world now

so kill me...

and now i am constipated...

i am the constipated satanist...
-bitwise the month-long hiatus in the theory of
words to be true...
sabbie "yeah, i know, i know how you feel. 98% of so-called 'satanists' are nothing but pathetic freaks, who get their kicks out of dancing nakid in freezing churchyards and use the devil as an excuse for getting some sex. then theres that other 2%. im not so sure about those..."

its on the start of 'burn sinister' by killing_miranda and i never knew where it was from but i jsut looked it up on google and i found it! i cant believe it! its from a 1970s horror film called from 'to the devil... a daughter'

i love the internet.
Bizzar You are evil in so many beautiful ways.

An evil cowboy, yes that suits you well.

You are the antichrist of my desires, but you grant all my wishes in exchange for my life, my soul, my freedom.

Anarchy dwells in the charred residue some may refer to as a heart.

How I wish I could tame you, or even leave you. I just look far too pretty on your leash.
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