Brad She's just a checker in a grocery store... get over it brad... ok, i'm pathetic, i know. 000611
birdmad is the name of a girl i knew in college who worked for the corporate offices of u-haul ages ago

there was a dopey married guy (a co-worker of hers) who was stalking her

she asked me to help so i started stalking him

he moved far away when he figured it out

smart boy
Thyartshallshant Ive stalked, but never a girl name Sally. But theres, Susan and Stephaine, Sandy, Shawna, Sacawatha, and couple other S-named girls i have. 001230
sphinxradio i am sally. 011104
sphinxradio featured in the oxford dictionary.

several meanings.

one being that of an australian willow tree.

another, of course, "sally forth".

i like the tree definition.

also spelled "sallee".

that would be a fun way to spell my name.

must go to australia and sit in their sallee trees.
Mahayana ...
[featuring the camel-toe]

[[immmmmmmmmmmm 50]]
[50 years old]
[[i like 2 kick-strech- & kickkkkkk]]
[im 50]
frAnk snl died a little when sally o'malley left, but fortuantely maya rudolph's jr.high character is seeing more air time.

another memorable sally...jack skellington's love interest in
nightmare before christmas.
girl_jane -My step mom. She was my dad's little hussy of a mistress while my parents were still married. She helped my father destroy the family...I'm surprised I don't hate her. I don't think I care enough about her to spend time hating her. 020414
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