unhinged it was in my hands just a little bit ago. i remember the state of mind i was in when i made it. should i give him what he'll like or give him what i like? did i do a good job? i listened to it and realized how sad it was. should i put on some brahms? oh fuck it. green metallic ink and mechanical pencils. it was a mixed media masterpiece. i might recreate it someday. 020428
silentbob are you talking about my tape!?? 020429
unhinged yes

you are never on aim for me to talk to you except when we send each other emails back and forth and you decide it would make more sense to sign on. you should sign on more often.
silentbob "The space station will land on the camp in approximately 90 Minutes."
"But thats only one mixtape!"
sweetheart of the song tra bong got your tape and it changed my mind
heard your voice in between the lines
come around from another time
where nobody ever goes

in the city the lion sleeps
pray to sony my soul to keep
were you ever so bright and sweet?
did you ever look so nice?

i can hear you singing to me in my sleep
BrotherDB God, takes me back to high school when I though that I was soooooooo in love. Here let me make you a tape of all the songs that remind me of you. 020506
littleidiot high fidelity. 021118
god only one song on it.
afternoon delight.
birdmad blather_mixed_ape 041004
what's it to you?
who go