Allison my best friend 991210
alicia mindy is the mother of one of my aquaintances. she's this crazy strong christian but she listens to the backstreet boys. anyways she went to this show i was in, and i did a monologue about rape. and she hated it. she didnt tell me to my face but her daughter told me. and you know.. to have someone criticize something like that, something that is such a piece of your heart because you spent heart-wrenching hours trying to make a real-life experience into something PG-13..to have someone tell you that it was *gross*..? that really hurts, man. 991229
allison hey 000117
Renee In a life it realy hurts, thats the bitch osf it al give taht john 3:16 but remember it means love to all, ya like those , you nas I , 000117
Ren the wind to and frow we go and you wait does she respon, heart move thoughts run
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rhuube That Crazy Girl that keeps telling me to go to bed 020331
mind(e.e) THAT'S ME!!! 020331
chetty makes me :) 020331
mork nanu nanu! 030808
Le And then there was Mindy. Mindy, the insufferable bitch. Mindy, who had betrayed her. Mindy, who had sold her soul to the Home Shopping Network, or vice versa. 040307
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