andru235 well, i just finished my month of megalomania, and i can't really say i'd recommend it.

no offense megalomaniacs, but you really don't have the corner on the "fun" or "interesting" market. in fact, you don't even have the corner on the "ego-development" market.

megalomania failed to produce anything particularily unique within me, and incurred only a mild irritation from those around me. it's not like things started tasting any better, or colors became brighter. it's not like insults affected me any more or less, and the compliments i received were mostly paltry attempts to win my coveted affections, such as when my roommate screamed at me for interrupting her while she and her boyfriend had sex in her bedroom.

however, there was the issue of smell. as i documented in andru235's_journal_of_his_month_of_megalomania, i was smellin' GOOOOOOD.

nevertheless, i still don't recommend it. next year, when i take a month to explore other psychological disorders, i will not be returning to megalomania. instead, i think i will try either aerophobia (fear of air) or multiple-personality-disorder. the latter seems especially well suited to "blather".

megalomania, while fun for a couple of hours each day, loses its charm when it becomes the standard mode of one's being.

i really like you, by the way. i mean, i reaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy like you.
sameolme Of course you reaaaaaalllllllllly like me.
All beings in my world are required to.
You should express that affection several hundred times a day while pawing at the wind.
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