erotic is using a feather kinky the whole damn bir , masochist

named for Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. (eighteenth Century...i think)

to seek out or derive erotic pleasure from one's own pain or discomfort

analogous to sadism and sadist

some enjoy both


some enjoy those and a little marry poppins too:


(it's a word that best describes behaviour quite atrocious--yum!)
not so emotional masochist I want some more 020818
um... dance
i am a dancer... we are the biggest masochist on the face of the earth... beating up our bodies every day and not saying a damn thing about the pain, pretending its good... not eating, taking drugs to stay thin... thinking its all for the best... jsut to appear a lithe and fragile dancer
jane masochist 030918
Foremost The difference between a masochist and a sadist is ... A masochist says "Hurt me, Hurt me"... the sadist says "No" 031225
june not true, the sadist gladfully will indulge the masochist
the sadist being the type to derive pleasure from inflicting suffering

but by saying "no" to the masochist's need for pain could be another form of torture, however i do believe the masochist would find someone or something else to satisfy the need for pain and suffering but it's fantasy really
most masochists don't want limbs amputated from their bodies

just the pain that can, well to some i suppose, equal pleasure
sigmund so what are you saying?

hurt me more?

i live for scott's pain
and he doesn't care

i think about you for the next 50 years or so i suppose if i don't die first

must be gay
stork daddy if you're a masochist, life must be constant ecstasy 040425
what's it to you?
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