pete to me they are about love, to others, well, the looks they give me after reading them tells me that they think something else 040707
pete ... 'so beautiful but sad'

what is love?
puredream rain 040707
Borealis pain worthwhile 040707
lacunas coil "Bathing beneath that tree,
Here Hare holds the clothes above his head;
I am but a child
The river is my saviour and home.

Your laugh in twilight,
Music fades into the trees' embrace;
I am but a child
Let Saturn look away from my face.

Catasteri dreams,
Light even from the darkest thoughts;
I am but a child
Grasping and finding nothing to hold.

Death of a Rose "Love is That Later Thing"

Love - is that later Thing than Death -
More previous - than Life -
Confirms it at its entrance - And
Usurps it - of itself -

Tastes Death - the first - to hand the sting
the Second - to its friend -
Disarms the little interval -
Deposits Him with God -

Then hovers - an inferior Guard -
Lest this Beloved Charge
Need - once in an Eternity -
A smaller than the Large -

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)
pete lonely_pride 040903
pd *smiles secretively* 040904
In_Bloom Ignorance is not bliss
Fully aware
We taunt and flail at Time
With our rationed Joy

Night to Day
Pretending it's only florescent lights we see

unhinged antilove_poem 081031
jane the_love_song_of_j_alfred_prufrock 081031
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