florescent light Derrick was annoying.
I slammed the office door in his face.
He, in return, threw a cardboard box that hit my back.
I threw a shrimp at him.
He reached for the mashed potato's, but I was holding the knife.
unhinged i was sitting at the end of the hall trying to study. i was flipping through my book looking for all the random pieces of paper i kept notes on during the semester because the logic of keeping notes in a notebook so i wouldn't lose them (see daffy this is what i'm talking whole aversion to logic thing) and i found it. the half piece of staff paper with some old figured bass assignments and our class tone row and his phone number on it. and i impulsively, maybe even impetuously, reached over and threw it in the garbage can. it was early in the morning so it was one of those picturesque empty garbage cans with the clear fluffy garbage bags inside of them. i watched the paper float to the bottom and thought to myself that i didn't even want to bother to retrieve it. i was trying to convince myself of that. now it doesn't matter. and i'm not going to apologize to him like florescent light told me to. i spend so much time and energy being nice to the wrong people so i always pick the nice ones to dick over. it doesn't happen very often, but when it does i usually stick to the conviction with a vengance. 010612
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