me? I'd tell you more, but there's an icicle stuck in my throat. 991110
if i could talk id tell you i want to frame the icicles that are drip dropping from the gutters of my life 020121
Mahayana Ice-covered/ Iced up/ Icicle
quiescent driveway
How you chant my murmurs
charming/ exquisite/ wonderful
Now narrowly a dispirited fall
gutters hanging eves
iridescent burnished nights away
Till there is no more to dissolve
ClairE Is it really the perfect murder weapon? You know, I think even a steel blade would feel like ice. 020122
(ice) cube Your planning would have to be perfect. An off-season murder is out of the question unless you keep the icicle in your mom's freezer.

Then there's the possibility of your icicle breaking before it could actually kill. A sure way to piss off your intended victim.

Nah, i think if icicles were a good murder weapon, we'd have seen a few books on it by now. Perhaps 'Icicle Murder For Dummies'...
Mahayana icicle hanging trees
akin 2 memories frozen in time
memories 'you and i' shall never share
your love is like an icicle blazing
raging with fiery ambers of torching dances... burning scalding thighs around my legs...consume me consume me ... just consume me

icicle execution trees
analogous 2 memoirs stationary in time
recollections 'you and i' shall never disclose your love is like an icicle blazing raging with fiery ambers of torching dances... smoldering thighs around my legs...consume me/ consume me/... just consume me
rage swallowing icicles, sitting in my stomach
icicle tears freezing on my face
stabbed in the heart, icicle poison spreading through veins
pink_child, ice_maiden
make me laugh again
oren Canines, razor_sharp.
Poised inches above my_face.
Dripping icicles.
what's it to you?
who go