Kristopher This is another word my friend Sara and I used to yell back in the days when we worked the local arcade together, frightening away the raverlings that tried to swing their glowsticks in our neon darkness, clashing at each other in swordfights with broomsticks!

Black Argonaut HUZZAH!! you know what i mean, don't you? 030122
Kristopher This word bore most relevance to our pop-culture-soaked lives by the MST3K version of "The Pod People".

*a bearded man in a red flannel walks towards a truck's passenger door*

CROW: Oh, man, this guy has 'Renaissance Fair' written all over him.

*he opens the door, and retrieves a crossbow*

marjorie :D

cheer and merriness and chicken
stork daddy huzzah brave friend, it has been long since we last embraced. let us do it in the dim glow of merriment, touched lightly by the fragrance of roasting animal flesh and fermented barley. 030408
misstree a friend big into history and reenactment and anticheeze told me that this word was never actually used back in the day, it was just something made up to fill in a linguistic need for modern day reenactors. i personally have reason to believe he knows his thing, take it as you will. 031122
crimson I believe you misstree. I remember when I was 12 or so I had to attend some historical reenactment thing with my parents. We watched a battle and were forced to cheer "huzzah" whenever the side we favored made an advance.
Check out my scar tissue.
andru235 a parade of tiny cars 050424
Queen of Smashing Glass Houses (QSGH) To ye 080716
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