deb He laughed methodically 991205
bellee a non exceptable substitute for "sir?"
at least in some eyes
Spete So,
what you're saying is...
lotusflower i don't get it. 000429
Nuwanda Nicky john hunt...definitely. weird. 001018
Kimmers The word of the idiot. 021129
Brainy Smurf UH???? 021129
BLUsmurF WHAT?!?!?! 021203
User24 what happened to t_r_i_l_o_g_y ?

I was blathing to it, but it took ages, so I opened a new browser and went to t_r_i_l_o_g_y.html and nothing appeared, now it looks like it's gone forever!

what I was going to say was;

dance carefully, and think about the consequences, yes, it's easy to slip down, the allure of all that energy again, godlike power, and all that.

But is it what you really want, really?

Think about the side effects, a crumpled figure shaking in the corner of a darkened room, that was me, and I think maybe you, too.

Can you control it yet, let it out in short bursts to get what you want, but not let it take hold of you?

If not, you will one day, just keep fighting it, and dont dance when you dont need to.

If that makes sense to you, good, otherwise, nevermind, I misread you.
User24 oh, nevermind, it's all fixed now.

funny how blather seems to recover from temporary crashes quite well..
smileygirl i really hate it when people say "uh-huh" instead of saying yes. because it is often mis-heard as a "huh?" and then you end up repeating yourself and looking like an asshole because you then realize that they said "uh-huh" and you mis-heard them 040225
andru235 ugh 050515
what's it to you?
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