jane party 21st between 5th & 6th i see superman & a goth boy & a hot boy & a hot girl as wonderwoman i smoke in there i take off my shirt i step out the window they tell me it's unsafe i climb back in i drank a vodka coke earlier i'm drinking one now party thins we decide to go i see goth boy snorting coke i ask for some he gives me some sarah takes some i take another we go follow lindsey to a bar called no idea talk to australian with a long snake & meg the rollerskater for god knows how long the alcohol & the coke have hit my brain i'm talking to people i dont care about & certainly they don't care about me winter calls me we go to 27th between 6th & 7th theres music my nose is running i think we get in free we dance my feet hurt i smoke some pot i feel it now we go we go we take a cab i get back home i forgot my hat i'll never see it again i get back home i still can't think i feel i blather i blather iblather 031101
gay gizmo trick or fuckin treat 031101
your dad don't let your treats become your tricks 031101
Death of a Rose wow. 031101
celestias shadow happy happy halloween

mine rocked. i hope yours did too.
trixie that was fun... 031103
Lemon_Soda Best holiday out there.

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