florescent light I was specially invited to a luncheon today by my professor.
Free food, I thought- so I went.

I sat at the table reserved for us students. All the faces were
I sat next to the girl I knew best.
The food they served was deli, we made our sandwiches; ladled our soup.

Everyone took their red napkins and put them in their lap. So, I did
But silently I thought, I don't need the napkin in my lap. It's a
sandwich, for god sake, - I eat them every day.
We aren't at some Cinderella Ball, we are at college.
And the woman across from me said, in such a way that only women who sincerely believe that a red napkins' rightful place is in the lap can, "Please pass the salt?"
To which I replied
"Get it yourself."
Dafremen Good for you! Sometimes when we look at ourselves and look at what we are doing and can find no rational explanation for it except that everyone else does it, that's when it's time to try the OTHER way of doing it, just to see if that's the way for US.

Pardon you have any...oh nevermind.
birdmad i love the stuff, but the name makes the snickering ten-year-old in my head not want to use it.

no, i don't want any grey poop on my sandwich, hehe.

yes, i know how stupid that sounds, but sometimes it is the simple, stupid, guilty pleasures that satisfy most
mamaflamajama i think that is the color of the couch i just purchassed. (gulp). 040325
what's it to you?
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