jon See a_new_story. 011209
donaldson Loud and raucous; violent to defend its territory; graceful and awkward both.

A bit seasonal, the same way a life can be, or so much like a goose.
It rises, honking, to defend it's young, to peak out food,
to have sex with other graceless, goofy creatures like itself.

Any moment:
It takes flight over your head,
noisily, narrowly missing you, or narrowly hitting you,
depending on your point of view.

In the wild, it often flies, and struts
and seldom makes a sound
other than the deliberate path through the brush. But elegant.
Domesticated-- less so.
At home, it waddles, you see, speaks a bit more. But still interesting.

Once it crosses your mind, should you
be so lucky, it stretches out mighty
wings to push away lesser birds.
But if it never crosses you, well, maybe you can live with that, also.
ever dumbening "You do not have to be good." 020316
girl_jane Last night I was sitting/making out on a bridge over a lake. It was quite nice. There were many times when we couldn't kiss because we were both laughing too much at the sounds all the geese were making. Plus, we eventually got cold and went back to my car and back to his house. 020316
Jacer my feet were really, really cold 020324
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