jennifer forget
echoing inside me like a commandment
itís too late now whatís done is done the past
is over no time to reflect no time to be
haunted heís gone now heís gone now dead
donít look back, never look back at the slowest
drug suicide death and donít ask why or how you
donít want to know maybe it was momís fault
she killed him or i did


look straight ahead in my dream i was crying
tugging at him pulling prying i was just a little
kid and he was a big man walking away walking
out with cold eyes and the smell of beer on his
lip and i was crying and i was just a little kid but
only a dream only a dream i woke up crying not a
child but not old enough to understand


i forget i donít look back never i do not i only just
scribble at night sometimes to scare off a little ghost
just gentle disappearance, slipping away and
vanishing year by year i will


~~danielle monaco
emily i forget sometimes to miss you,
i forget sometimes to think,
i forget sometimes how miserable i am,
i forget sometimes how to be happy...
confabulation i forget sometimes how much some people care about me.

i forget sometimes how much his words can hurt me.
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