The Dark Knight It's oh so good to save things
Im oh so glad i did
The Stan, Amy, Klarchen, dies,
The knife the knife
My friend my friend

I sat next to you over an hour
I have your phone number
And your future in my power
Ever heard of a diskette?
(Or a typewriter or a piece of paper
or a friend just to add other sources)

I don't want to ruin your life
Don't make me do it (please)
But if you don't cough up a number today
You blew it.

(copies of evidence with friends of

I have already talked to Fred,Bart, and
Ivan, the bugs alone whet their appetites. But i haven't let them see
em. that in itself is jail time, but
when you came to Lincoln, your blathers
legally became what is known as
terroristic threats. this is not a
threat, just a sick of your
games. And Im sick of you hurting her.
stork daddy i see in you disappointment and destruction. and i see that i fully expect it from life in general. and so how can i avoid you, who might speed up the process? 040208
Sintina is plans for my life- too soon in the making. Foresight is like thinking too much, which I'm very good at.
It's like forethought- which I'm very bad at. If only I had more control... foresight seems like a luxury,
a twinkly thing that is way too far out of reach... and yet others keep saying I'm the one in control.
That I'm holding all the cards.
Didn't forsee that one. :)
what's it to you?
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