Random Think I went to the cupboard, the cupboard was bare,
I went online to shop for fayre,
Fair trade I found, a fair selection,
Then I stumble upon vexation.
Pay for food, my box not willing,
Accepting neither pound nor shilling,
What ails this machine of computation?
I course upon further investigation.
What could cause such foul corruption?
Software of Gatesian construction?
Moments later I discover
that I can not rightly blame another.
Epicurean morsels under keys were wedged,
Mistaken amounts - donation pledged.
Poverty ensues, and so I must
make do with this last crust.
misstree i would like to remind all those
bemoaning their income's inability to support
a new car, a bigger home, a drunken excess,
ipod, shoes, or fast food,
any trinet, bill, or expense,
all of these things are unneccessary.
you have food, and while it may not be
a gourmand's delight, it may just be
a loaf of bread, some spaghetti, and
a packet of kool-aid (no sugar),
it's food, and a house to keep it in,
and when you've been without both,
well, you realize how important they are--
much more so than any convenience or bauble.
bird Amen to that.

though i'm occasionally tempted to gripe about not being able to swing more toys, i just think back to my semi-homeless and half-crazy period and then it puts that all back into perspective for me
what's it to you?
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