auto cross reference system Along with lust, something with which to be swollen.

See dancing.
FUCK my_body_hurts 020901
blown cherry lending my mind a gentle numbness 030114
zyp my body hurts too, i gained 10 pounds in one week! 040303
zyp i wonder if dodge is better than chevy or vise versa 040303
Alain Resnais I'm tired of waiting for all the elements to be there for you to be happy to see me. I'm tired of seeing you all fucked up and wishing we could do fun stuff again like we used to. I'm tired of having nothing to say to you because I can't say what I need to. I'm getting tired of this friendship which is going nowhere and of you. But I still do love you with all my heart, feel happy when I see you or hear from you. What I'm I suppose to do with you ? Get you out of my life for good or staying there like this and keep being trash from being angry at you to wating to see you.

Urghh.. sounds almost like a very bad poem ! Sorry.
Syrope its making me dull and stupid

i need a vacation that doesn't involve needing a separate recouperation period afterwards.
what's it to you?
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