Rakeri some things can not be explained by cold logic... only by !@$%1!...!839#009|3 030817
shoccolo do i explain this to the people i know, and care about?

do i tell them what i've found here? or do i keep it to mself?

i just don't know. it feels like i should share it, but i'm selfish and i don't want to...
In_Bloom What is it? I wondered. Wondered, past tense.
The truth is pathetic, ugly and dismal
So much so I just want to retch because I know you are done
Fucked up

You get your drama from a crazy who bangs at your door during the night to be let in like some stray and embarrasses you by coming into your work to show the people you front for how much of a desperate man you are to be reduced to yo-yo'ing
For that

I don't think you've been noble to shut me away
You think you've been noble but in reality you've been a coward to let me stand beside because that would be too easy
Too quick to bring to a head the bullshit you punish yourself with as an excuse not to chance further hurt

Tonight I said to you, "you make your choices" and as you tell me how wonderful I am, she's at the fucking door like a banshee railing against your smallest bits of ease

I am not benevolent
I am not altruistic
I want to give you everything but I'll ask for it too
Maybe things you're not expecting
Maybe things you'll tell me a man can't do

Choose, motherfucker
what's it to you?
who go