ever dumbening a saccarinias mousse owie full of horfle to all. boomsplat.

those that care may have been wondering what the hizzay is with the dearth of posts from yours truly. detractors are probably glad. newbies are all (and i'm all, and she was all) who the horp is ever dumbening?

starting in january of this past year i started taking three art classes (ceramics, drawing, welding). i had not taken an art class in over 20 years—since 6th grade! i had a serious blast and decided that this is something i need to do more of.

here is a link to a few of the things that i've been working on.


feel free to send me an email with any kind of feedback. whether it strikes you as great, shitty, or just plain boring and puerile, drop me a line. i'm rather proud of two or three of the things there, but you should experience them as your own, as a part of me.

it wasn't until after making the drawing titled 'presence' that i realized that it was basically a physical manifestation of my response to frAnk's question in the blathe:
iv_ever_dumbening_julia_butterfly. hence the post-hoc title.

oh, and i've been in the midst of falling in love with a wonderful woman. so, yeah, i've been busy.
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