rubydee happier than you'll ever know 030428
white wave :)

in love with life
acidshank dxm does it.
o yes. i love it so much

if i could just have it forever.
its rare. but worth it.
what is rare
are words
white waves
fix 041129
Q Oh, to be euphoric with you! 050510
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i used to float on my own little euphoric fluffy cloud
it was really was, for a second, a world shattering, soul clenching perfect_moment
you were my ecstacy
better than any drug
more exhilarating than plunging into an ice cold pool

but everyone knows that overuse and abuse of these things causes tolerance.
and dependance.

and the subsequent trips are never as good as the first.
circumvent drench all the wrench nearing thunderstorms smelling of melons and yellin' helen! my hairdrops be gellin' my fleece watch be compellin'.

whatchall got a snowball yarnball comin' towards the rexall, need to get my tylenol cure all and my gum sticks viral, like a white squall you all need your baseball bats and flash dats spinning tracks like hazmats that sat on the porch all day, the flag of norway flapping up a foray of moray eels taking the wheel of a automatic meal. man, rememeber blizzin on blizzards with your face painted wizards eating snow like roe lizards!
poop hey !
thats cool !

it's like hokus pokus language.
will you sue me if i copy you ?
circumvent i'll only sue you if you diane me 070727
what's it to you?
who go