grendel i must cut it away

i must become separate from it all

maybe there is clarity in the emptiness
chanaka ah....another one of my favorite things.
people pride themselves as being warm
cuddly beings
but the greatest gift is the impartial observer
and all will be made clear in time
just try not to think about the
la choosing to float away from everything
an ice floe that is severed from land
a place where you call out
and even the echoes don't come
falling_alone numb, and not much left to say.
anyway. i was rereading your old blathes on your name that i know because i cant really remember what you used to say and i even found some of my own and realized had i blathed on that now, i wouldn't say what i did.

i'm still coming back here, but it isn't everyday anymore like before, like somehow it doesnt feel the same. well, i don't have your blathes to read anymore, or rather i'm reading them? but i don't know if its you and it's not the same.

wow, i think this is the first time that i actually read this, "do you have words?"
and how long have i been here?

is this why i've changed, am i detached, or have i become oblivious to the world.
they seem like one in the same.
what's it to you?
who go